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Goodluck or Buhari – The World awaits Nigeria’s Decision

A Ghanaian Opinion

After months of flamboyant but bitter campaigning, President Goodluck Jonathan and General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari anxiously await the verdict of the Nigerian people. With less than 48 hours to go until voting, the ruling PDP and the opposition APC must be frantically putting measures in place to ensure that the turnout at their gargantuan rallies translates into the much needed votes.

For the first time since the return to democratic rule in 1999, the PDP is meeting a party which matches it

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Ghanaian Sexism?

From the Zen Garden

I just got this from Google

  1. prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.
    synonyms: sexual discrimination, chauvinism,gender prejudice,gender bias
    “your hiring practices have generated numerous complaints about sexism”

Yes, what does it mean to the average Ghanaian? Most gender activists are wont to proclaim above the rooftops how men treat women like dirt, objects, fixtures and afterthoughts. I have seen situations where women are given the benefit of the doubt straightaway when any incident is reported, without any extra look at what the circumstance could have been.

Conversely, Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa where women are supported, to a large extent to go as far as they can. Wherever there have been barriers to a woman’s progress, it has always been as a result of poverty, not necessarily because she was of the weaker gender, so to…

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Re: To the Guys That Want To Take Down LIB | Love Letter from Ayo Sogunro

Ayo Sogunro

Dearest Linda Ikeji,

Re: To the Guys That Want To Take Down LIB

Permit me the indulgence of a few lines to your eminent personality. I have been a constant fan of your work, although from afar. To be honest, I rarely open your blog volitionally, never scrolled through the news items on a slow day, never typed out the address on my browser to open it; yet, like hundreds of thousands of other Nigerians—I find myself falling into your domain through the intricacies of internet sharing and their damn hyperlinks. Despite this non-conscious increment of your page views, I dare say that I have had no cause to complain about the content of LIB—I expected to find gossip and entertainment not Shakespeare, and you have never disappointed me.

So, again, I am a huge admirer of your intrepid work.

But this is not to say I have not had some…

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’If there’s one forceful point the BAR Concert made it was that hip hop in Ghana is finally earning the bright halo it has been waiting all this while’’

When the numerous fans streamed through the entrance of the Alliance Francaise and braced the slight downpour last Saturday night (19th April, 2014) they came with one expectation: Leave with a worthy memory and a thrilling experience. By the end of over 4 hours of amazing performances from over a dozen hip hop artistes, each one of concert attendees left with fulfilled expectations. The B.A.R Concert featuring the poster boy of BBnZ Live, EL, not only sold a great concert but gave a clear indication that they mean business.


The B.A.R Concert was organized at the back of EL’s mix tape, B.A.R (Best African Rapper) to celebrate the album and promote hip hop in Ghana. To give a clearer…

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Lagos … and my Polythene Bag


No, I’m not a plantain boy. But I admire Timaya’s music. And I most definitely love plantain – bole’d, dodo’ed, porridge’d, or chipped.
I came into Lagos 4 years ago, with nothing but a polythene bag, an Engineering degree, and a dream. Ok, it wasn’t a polythene bag, but, you’ll agree it sounds more dramatic.
Anyways, the point is, 4 years ago, when those 3 wise men at Berger welcomed me to Eko, I had nothing. No concrete plan, no white, blue, or red collar job waiting for me. It was just my dream, my certificate, and I. The dream: Run this town in 5 years.
How? Nna, why are you asking a question I can’t answer?
When I disembarked from the Ekene-Dili-Chukwu bus at Oshodi, two men lunged at me and grabbed my bag.
“Na me get am!” the first one squeaked.
“Na me go carry am!” the other…

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Three decades and a Year; Three Bullets Plus One

Lovely write up. Do read


Like 2 cords interwoven from the start
Great minds always think alike
Be it good or great
We all remain as 1

Like the earthworms all tightly pressed as they share a single hole
Like a baby whose joy is sucking unto the mothers breast
As happy as an athlete whose work pays of from the waves of sweat from his head to his vest
We all remain as 1